Cynthia Cox

Vice President, Housing

Honorable Cynthia Cox entered the political world in 2006 as the 79th AD Female State Committee Member; In 2008 Cynthia Cox was elected as the 79th AD Female District Leader and has held her position as such for the past 7 years. Cynthia serves as DC37 union member and a board member at a number of charities and business groups.

As an active NACCP Bronx Branch member and New York State Chaplin, Cynthia focuses on advocating for families within the 79th District, on issues of social services and economic needs, with her goal of implementing self-efficiency.

In addition to her advocacy positions, Cynthia sings gospel at The A.M.E. Zion Church on the Hill, and is the floor captain at Concourse Village, as well as an entrepreneur. Hon. Cox holds a certificate in Christian Ministry from The New York Theological Seminary and is a graduate of the NYPD’s Citizens Police.


Hon. Cox is known for her qualities of determination, perseverance, resiliency and her work on her entrepreneurship program.