Ed Hysyk


I come from a working class family, and both my mother and my father
were union members.  My mother was a member of the UAW, and she worked
in a metal fabrication factory.  My father was a member and officer
of the NYC Window Cleaners Union which was part of the American
Federation of Labor.

I started my career as a New York City civil servant in October of 1966, and I
retired in July 2009.  I spent my entire career in the NYC Human
Resources Administration (HRA), except for the release time at District
Council 37, from 1994 until my retirement. For the first twenty years
of my career, I was in various caseworker/supervisor titles, and a proud
member of Local 371.  During that time, in addition to being an active member of the
Local, I served as a local election chair, assistant shop steward,
VITA representative, and assisted Chuck Miller in the famous Tier I
Pension Reopener legislative bill. After accepting a computer title, I
became a member of Local 2627 (NYC Computer Employees).  I was a shop
steward for the Local, and in 1994 I assumed the position of assistant to the
President of the Local from 1994 until 1998.  I subsequently became the
President of the Local in1998.  I was also a vice president of DC 37 and
served as the first Secretary of DC 37 under the Executive
Director-Lillian Roberts.  Throughout that time period, I
served as a trustee for the  Education Fund for several years, and afterwards served as a trustee of the Health and Security Fund for three years.

After my retirement, I joined the DC 37 Retirees
Association, and became active in the Association thanks to its then
President-Stu Leibowitz.  In the Retirees Association, I held two
elected positions prior to my ascension to the presidency of the
Association. I served as the Secretary, and Executive Vice President of the Association. I have been President of the Association since March 2018.  

I believe that my primary mission is to serve the needs of the membership.