Neal Frumkin

Vice President, Inter-Union Relations

My activism began as a student in the 1960s involved in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements. I began working for NYC in early 1968, and a union activist form day one. I was a rank and file union leader in SSEU Local 371, and for over 30 years an on-location union rep. My passion was building worker/client unity in NYC’s “welfare industry.

Retiring in 2002, Neal joined the Retirees Association and began building solidarity activities among retirees. This has included supported various union and anti-racist community struggles.  Neal joined with Julia Jorge in leading the Hispanic/Solidarity committee of our association. Two years later, Neal was elected  Associate Vice President, Inter-Union Relations of the Retirees Association, a position he holds till this day. He also serves as the retiree trustee to DC 37’s Health and Security Fund for the last six years.