DC 37 Retirees Salute Frontline Workers: Join the Campaign!

DC 37 Retirees'  June 19 ad in The Chief salutes frontline workers. The DC 37 Retirees Association placed an ad in the June 19 issue of The Chief to salute our heroes: frontline workers. The ad said, "We wish to express to the First Responders, and Health Care Providers our gratitude and sincere appreciation for your dedication, commitment and determination to help, support others, and save lives during this most challenging period. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in an effort to combat this pandemic." For the full text, click on the ad or link below.

Join AFSCME's campaign to support frontline workers. Right now, front-line public service workers – health care workers, corrections officers, custodians and other public service workers – are putting their lives at risk to fight this pandemic. But if Congress doesn’t pass state and local aid, these public service workers could be thanked with a pink slip.

  • WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES. Click here to send a letter to your representatives and senators to demand that they fund the front lines so that we can fight the pandemic and re-open our economy. 
  • CALL YOUR SENATORS. The Senate is about to go on vacation as public sector job losses are increasing and public services are at risk. Please call 1-844-515-2703 to tell your senators to ACT NOW to provide aid to our states, cities & towns.