Sign the Petition to Preserve Medicare Part B for NYC Retirees

  • The Council of Municipal Retiree Organizations (COMRO) has learned that Mayor de Blasio, the Municipal Labor Committee and the Mayor's Office of Contracts are in the process of awarding a highly lucrative contract to a major health insurance company to take over administering Medicare Part B benefits for over 250,000 New York City pension recipients on Medicare effective this July 1, 2021.
  • Yet nowhere in this process have they consulted with the 250,000 people and their families to determine how it will help or harm us. 

  • PLEASE SIGN A PETITION demanding that before this contract is awarded, they must include actual Part B recipients in the evaluation process to ensure any change in Medicare Part B will not harm us, particularly in these perilous times.

Below are photos of DC 37 Retirees and Exec. Board members at a recent City Hall protest demanding "Don't Privatize Our Senior Care!"