Carmen Colon

Associate Vice President, Education and Health Services

Carmen’s journey in the Board of Education began when she started volunteering at her daughter’s school, District 1, P.S. 4. While volunteering and getting to know other parents she noticed a need for an association where parents and teachers could openly communicate and as a team come up with ideas to better their children's education and create a community of support for one another. She decided to take the matter to the principal and form the parent association. The space also provided the parents with a sense of community and respite, where they could wait for their children to finish the school day and avoid having to commute back and forth during those harsh winter and scorching summer days. The parents were extremely grateful for this and as a result of her hard work and development of the parent association Colon was offered a position as school aide. Through the school aide's union DC 37 Local 372, they elected her with the position of Shop Steward. 

Through the years she committed to the Board of Education, Carmen Received many achievements including the title of "President of the Puerto Rican Heritage Committee", An "Outstanding Union Service Award" in 1986, for her demonstrated leadership, concern for the working people and advocacy of union activities. In 1993, Carmen was presented with a Sergeant at Arms award for the years she devoted to Local 372. In 1997 on the15th anniversary of DC 37's Puerto Rican Heritage Committee, Carmen received an award for her pioneering vision.  The memories and accomplishments in which we have created have helped so many in the past and also paved a way for the future generations, and I am still willing to help anyone in any way I can. With my experience, I would like to help the Retirees Association in every way I can by helping people join and help their union.