AFSCME Retiree Election Manual

The AFSCME Retiree Election Manual governs elections of the DC 37 Retirees Association and other AFSCME retiree associations and union locals, as described in its introduction:

  • Democracy depends upon two things: an understanding of procedures and participation. Nowhere are these more important than in the election process.
  • This manual represents an attempt to spell out, in uncomplicated terms, the requirements that AFSCME retiree chapters and sub-chapters must meet in conducting elections.
  • AFSCME took the requirements spelled out in the Retiree Election Code and included them here, with wording approved by the AFSCME International Executive Board. The Retiree Elections Code—and not this manual—is the last word on whether an election is valid.
  • The Judicial Panel investigates alleged irregularities in elections and applies the appropriate provisions of the Constitution. This manual does not affect that
    procedure. Rather, this manual attempts to make the election process clear to every AFSCME retiree member.
  • AFSCME urges that all retiree chapter and subchapter officers and election committee members read the manual in advance of elections. An understanding of and an adherence to proper election procedures will strengthen our retiree organizations as democratic institutions.

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