Nellie Gonzalez-Arce

Associate Vice President, Publicity/ Public Relations

Nellie Gonzalez Arce migrated from Puerto Rico to New York in the year of 1950, where she met the father of her children and got married.  Nellie’s path of activism began when she volunteered at her daughter’s elementary school.  She was later offered a job at that same school, and worked there for 34 years.  She served as a PTA treasurer and representative of the bilingual program in Joan of Arc Middle School and PS 179.  She was also PTA President at the school her daughter Jeanette attended at the time, Mabel Dean Bacon HS. While working in Brandeis H.S., Nellie took various courses at night, such as data processing, and attended Boricua College.  Throughout her tenure working at the schools, she supported unions, especially Local 372.  Nellie was present at many rallies, ranging from equal rights to save and improve work environments.  Her activism has consistently been recognized.  She received awards for supporting the Fire Departments during and after September 11th, working with students and working with the President Obama Campaign.  Local 372 President Shaun D. Francois presented her with an award for her ongoing dedication to her union.

She was devastated when her younger daughter, Yvette passed away in 1996 from diabetic complications. She transferred the pain to raising awareness about Diabetes.  She contributes to the Diabetes Marathon every year. 

 Nellie is a proud retired grandmother of 4 grandchildren.  She keeps busy by supporting her fellow citizens.  She is currently part of DC 37 Retirees Association, where she holds the position of Associate Vice President, Publicity/ Public Relations.  She is a member of DC37’s Hispanic Heritage Committee, Phone Bank Political Action, NACOPRW-Chapter and statewide.  She takes her passion to encourage the new generation of activists to attend Conferences such as SOMOS El Futuro in Albany and Puerto Rico, LCLAA Convention.  Additionally, she is active in her community, serving as an Auxiliary Police Officer and volunteering at her church with the homeless.  Nellie attends many events in the Bronx supporting activities hosted by Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr, Hon. Marcos Crespo, Hon. Mark G Jonay and Hon. Luis Sepalveda.  Nellie also belongs to a Statewide organization.  Nellie remains active by working as well at DC 37’s Phone Bank Political Action several times a week and attending events frequently.