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Thank Your City Council Member for Preserving NYC Code 12-126!

The City of New York tried to impose a Medicare Advantage Plan in NYC Retirees. This plan was dismissed as unlawful by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Lyle Frank, and upheld by the appeals court, because NYC Admin. Code 12-126 prohibits charging retirees for health care.

Mayor Adams and the Office of Labor Relations (OLR) have asked the City Council to change NYC Administrative Code 12-126 in order to allow City retirees to be charged for health care coverage if they opt out of the managed care plan. However, because we kept the pressure on, the City Council heard us and DID NOT vote to amend NYC Code 12-126! They deserve our thanks!

We also thank the New York City Organization of Public Service Retirees for their leadership on this case and their ongoing pursuit of legal remedies on this issue. To keep informed and donate toward their ongoing efforts, click here. Their website address is https://www.nycretirees.org/

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