World Trade Center Health Program

To determine your eligibility and start the application process, please click here to be linked directly to the WTC Health Program’s website. You can also call 1-888-WTC-HP4U (1-888-982-4748) to request an application.

Here are the types of questions you should be prepared to answer when filling out your application:

  • What were the specific dates when you were present in the WTC disaster area?
  • What are the number of hours when you were potentially exposed to 9/11-related toxins (as a worker, volunteer, or resident of the area)?
  • If you are a survivor, are you experiencing a health condition that you believe is directly related to 9/11 exposure?

CONTACT: World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP), Nat’l Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, 395 East Street, S.W., Suite 9200, Washington, DC 20201