John Hardisty

Secretary/ Treasurer

I joined the Retirees Association at Secretary/Treasurer Shaurain Farber’s
invitation at the beginning of 2004. I came aboard after twenty-two years in the
Accounting Department of DC37 where I did the Financials. . Shaurain had been my
first boss at The Council when he was the Controller. He was also my mentor and
guide. He once said “I could never do what the Council Reps do, but it’s nice to be a
part of an organization that deals in people rather than the bottom line.” He might
have been saying that with me in mind.

At the Retirees Shaurain had me doing the bookkeeping and Financials. When
Shaurain retired I did the same work for Secretary/Treasurer Bob Pfefferman.
When Bob left in 2006 Stu Leibowitz and the Retiree Executive Board selected me to
finish Bob’s term of office. I have subsequently been re elected by the members ever

When I became Secretary/Treasurer the Association we were in some financial
difficulty. We had suffered several years of significant deficits. Stu Leibowitz had
me do the financial analysis illustrating the necessity for a dues increase. This was
published in the newsletter so the entire membership could be made aware of the
situation. It was Stu Leibowitz however who sold the increase at our membership
meeting. He said “Brothers and Sisters we are no longer bleeding financially - we
are hemorrhaging!”

This dues increase passed unanimously and went into effect in January 2008. I am
happy to say we have not had another dues increase since. Presidents Rochelle
Mangual and Ed Hysyk have both mandated that the increased costs over the years
be absorbed without recourse to the membership. This was accomplished by very
frugal discretionary spending and increasing our membership base. Ed Hysyk has
even instituted a $500 death benefit for members who have seven years of
unbroken membership in the association.

In conclusion I must say it has been an honor to serve the membership working with
such a diverse and gifted Executive Board and my fellow officers.