2024 Membership Meeting Schedule

The DC 37 Retirees Association’s Constitution requires nine (9) membership meetings annually. Since only one meeting was held so far this year, we wanted to share with you the schedule for the other eight (8) meetings this year Please note: meetings will now be held on Thursdays 


All meetings will start promptly at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.  

Please note that April's meeting will be conducted virtually via Zoom.  

Zoom links and/or in-person meeting location for each meeting will be communicated to you prior to each meeting. At this point, there is no meeting scheduled for December, but we will keep you informed should any changes arise. 

We understand the importance of these gatherings in fostering community, sharing updates, and addressing pertinent issues affecting retiree members.  

Your participation and engagement are highly valued, and we encourage you to mark your calendars! 

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the DC 37 Retirees Association. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.